Hamblys Facebook page created by Loop Central

Hamblys Facebook
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We helped create, launch and now manage the Hamblys’ Facebook page which has 7,000+ followers.

“Our Facebook page’s ongoing success has enabled us to tap into this younger segment of our customer base, which is a real boost to the future success of our business. We have Richard at Loop to thank for guiding us in the right direction, while we’re keen he remains working with us to maximise opportunities going forward.” Steve Perryman, Sales Director

What we did: 

› Provided the Executive team with guidance on how best to use Facebook, assisting the executive team to work through a proposal and its implications.

› Helped to set up and launch the Facebook page.

› Created page content and graphics.

› Worked as part of a ‘task force’ to deliver the project and trained the local team.

› Created bespoke graphics and slideshow GIFs for Facebook marketing.

Hamblys Facebook page, as created and managed by Loop Central

On-going digital marketing support

› We continue to write website content, support social media initiatives – such as the company’s move onto YouTube and Instagram – and regularly create MailChimp marketing emails sent to a valued marketing list.