Exmouth Town Council

Social media campaign to promote the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan

Promoting the plan's public consultation phase, a highly-successful campaign engaged thousands of local residents.

What we did: 

  • Planned and managed a 6-week campaign
  • Helped the council to clearly define its target audiences and how to reach them
  • Recommended social media channels to use and updated existing profiles
  • Worked with Facebook to make the most of its cross-generational appeal, and with Twitter to primarily connect with businesses and community groups
  • Created and shared a range of posts that encouraged people to comment and have their say, monitoring and reacting to conversations to further engage
  • Utilised Facebook adverts to extend reach
  • Worked alongside the council's appointed graphic designers on visual content

We also: 

  • Led the campaign with video and highly-visual content. The Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan video was shared and then boosted with a Facebook advert. It rippled out to reach over 33,000 people locally, achieving just under 17,000 video views and 757 reactions, comments and shares.
  • Subsequent shorter video snippets also made people react and got them talking.
  • Vox pops, animated GIF graphics and images were also created and shared to encourage people to join the conversation.

“Great to work with true professionals. Thank you for your work with us on engaging the community. There was warm appreciation for your advice, your creative approach and the difference you made. [There is now] the small matter of dealing with the comments from the consultation exercise – almost 2,000 of them.

Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan Team


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