AquaVantage's new website by Loop Central

AquaVantage x Loop Central

We developed a new website for AquaVantage, giving its team a sales and marketing tool to move forward with.

“Thanks for all your work on the website. It’s looking really good. Everyone is impressed. We’re very pleased indeed.”
Simon & Mark Vaughan, Co-Founders, AquaVantage

What we did: 

› Worked with the co-founders to structure the new site and content.

› Focused on the value and benefits available to potential customers, helping to move the business away from a more features-based sales strategy.

› Created a fresh new look-and-feel capable of projecting the business and its technology with confidence world-wide.

› Penned new copy, ensuring the complex subject matter was made easier to grasp quickly.

› Edited pre-existing case studies into a style fit for the new website.

We created a new website for global water specialists, AquVantage

Making a complex topic easy to understand

› Key to the new website’s success meant presenting a complex topic in an easy to understand way. We created a bespoke HTML5 explainer animation for the homepage, which provides a quick insight of how the technology works. An ‘Our Solution’ page was developed to further explain what the technology can do, with clickable on-page elements for readers wanting to delve deeper. Icons were used throughout to help break up copy, while text is presented in neat blocks that also make it easier to read.