Andrew Piggott

An integrated (and sophisticated) marketing approach for a contemporary furniture supplier

Inbound in our approach, we help pull potential buyers to the company's website and online store from all over the web and across print titles.

What we do: 

  • Manage the company's website and e-commerce store (both of which we helped to create).
  • Regularly update the site's portfolio-style front page and Store products, swapping featured collections and products, writing new content and preparing product imagery.
  • Run the company's Instagram and Pinterest accounts, sharing a mix of lifestyle and product content attractive to target audiences.
  • Offer a fully integrated service, encompassing website development, copywriting, design work, email marketing, social media, and print advertising.

We've also: 

  • Using Woocommerce, we led a project to create an e-commerce store as part of the company's existing website.
  • Customised product pages to achieve the store-front look desired by our client.
  • Trained the team in using CSV file uploads to manage products and product imagery.
  • Launched Shoppable Instagram alongside the new online Store, targeting further sales opportunities via this social channel.

“Always great to work with you. Thanks for helping to drive our business forward, with the care and attention required in what is a tricky market to navigate. Really appreciated.”

Andrew Piggott, Principal, Andrew Piggott Contemporary Furniture

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